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Over the Summer, I got very into collecting old and antique books. I would post pictures of them, but seeing as a I collected around 20, that wouldn't be very practical. So I will simply list the most interesting older books I found.

My first treasures were found in a Book store called Norton Shore Books (in Michigan), which also happened to carry many older books. The first books I bought here were:    

  • A Knickerbocker's  Works of  Washington Irving; A History of New York: From the beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty, New Edition, Revised, Volume 1.  Published in 1849, by George P. Putnam. The book has a lot of water stains all over the pages, but very little mold growth. The binding of the actual pages is in perfect condition; not a single page is loose or starting to come out. I did a little restoration work and re-glued the outside cover, which had fallen off. The book has a press-board cover,with graphic designs on both sides. The inside of the covers are hand marbled. In working and good condition. Bought for $5
  • The Notebook of Elbert Hubbard Published in 1927 by Roycrofters. It has a full concordance in the back. Soft leather cover in a caramel color, highly embossed. No staining or mold growth. The soft leather cover has completely come off the book. No steps have been made to reattach this cover. In working and good condition. Bought for $10
  • Everyman's  Library: The Longer Poems of William Wordsworth. Reprint by E.P. Dutton and Company; New York, 1912. No mold growth or water stains. Cover to the spine was taped back on; it had fallen off. Gold lettering of cover on the spine and designs are in pristine condition. A slight chip at the top right is missing from this. Binding of pages is perfect.  In good and working condition. Bought for $10
  • Chillde Harold's Pilgrimage by Lord Byron; New Century Edition published by The Henneberry Company. No printing or publishing date is given. No stains or mold growth. Tape has been placed in places where pages are coming away from binding. Gold lettering and design have mostly rubbed off the spine but are still easily read and seen. The gold lettering and design of the front cover are perfect with little wear.  In good and working condition.  Bought for around $5-$10.
The next books were given to me by family members:
  • Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Philosophers Volume XIV written by Elbert Hubbard. Published in 1903 by Roycrofters. First Edition. All hand-cut paper, each piece of paper has the Roycrofters seals; only seen when the paper is held up to a light.  No stains or mold growth. Binding is in perfect condition. Original ribbon still in perfect condition and attached to the book.  Covers are half leather, caramel color; highly embossed. There are some portraits of  philosophers with their thin protective sheets still in perfect condition and not folded or ripped. 
  • The Winged Horse; stories of the poets and their poetry by Joseph Auslander and Frank Ernest Hill. Published by Doubleday, Doran and Company, Inc. in 1928. First Edition. No Stains or mold growth. Beautiful and ornate orange winged horse on the front cover. All lettering of the covers are in a bright orange; perfect condition. Binding is in perfect condition, except for in one spot by the title page. For the inquiring minds, there is a companion to this book titled:  The Winged Horse Anthology, by the same authors. This is a collection of actual poetry, all of which is English and American. Full index in the back.
  • The Winged Horse Anthology by Joseph Auslander and Frank Ernest Hill. Companion to The Winged Horse.  Educational Edition; Published by Doran and Company, Inc. in 1929. Book has LOTS of writing in it (mostly mine). Binding in perfect condition. Lettering on covers a little worn. No stains or mold growth. Cover over the spine is taped on, as it had come off. Several types of indexes are located in the back, including an Index of Authors, Index of First Lines, and Index of Titles.
  • Everyman's Library: Through Russia, A Book Of Stories By Maxim Gorki. Translated from the Russian by C.J. Hogarth. Published by E.P. Dutton and Company. No Publishing date is given. Binding is in perfect condition. No stains or mold growth.
I've been organising my vintage Famous 5 collection and I took some pictures.
I also took a picture of the sides of the pages of my Alice in Wonderland book, which I posted about previously but totally forgot to show you guys that it is green even in the pages.

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hello :)

I'd like to share my favourite books that i own, as in beautiful-looking-wise

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New here!

Hi! My name is Lauren and I'm new to this community.

I've been collecting books for a few years. I don't have a massive collection but I think it's pretty impressive regardless. I'm quite proud of it!

A two-volume illustrated copy of Les Miserables from 1898. The coolest thing about these?

This picture is included. AKA, the one that's on every playbill of the Broadway show. I can't say for certain, but I'm pretty sure the first time this picture was ever released was in this book. Pretty cool.

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Hopefully this community won't die...I just found it!!

Peace and love!

Aug. 2nd, 2009

i see dead people's books
a list of famous deceased authors, and their book collections.
in some cases, you can find a link to a website where they have photographs of some of the books that were auctioned off after they passed away.
hours of entertainment.

Dec. 1st, 2008

a book of poetry from 1924

lovely books found & photographed by decorums
see more here.
hi readers,

i have given the community a little bit of a re-vamp appearance wise, and i would love to start getting more members and making it a bit more active.
if you know of anyone that you think would like to join, please refer them!

a couple of things that are in the works to help us become more connected:
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newest addition

i'll post some illustrations from the book once i can get them scanned in. it's beautiful.